Prophetic Gifts are Often Misunderstood

Prophetic gifts are something that some Christians believe are given. Having a prophetic gift simply means that the Lord is using you to reveal some important information to another person. Perhaps you know someone that needs to listen to what you have to say. Being a prophetic minister simply means that you are using a gift that God has given you to see into the spiritual world. Not every prophetic gift is the same. Some prophetic gifts take time to develop more than others. A prophetic gift is helpful for most people. Prophetic gifts are used to reveal what may be coming ahead for you. Many prophets choose to use their gifts in church where people can come in and hear what they have to say. Others work on psychic hotlines and out of their homes. If you have a prophetic gift, the Lord will put it on your heart to use it.
The question that a lot of prophets have is, “Is there ever a right time or a wrong time to use my gifts and abilities?” The answer to this question is yes. A prophet must be disciplined enough to know when and how to deliver a prophetic word. Some prophetic gifts are not like others. There are prophets that often stand up in church and tell someone what they have to say. It is often words of encouragement and words that make someone say, “I had no idea that this was going to happen to me.”

Words of encouragement are usually easier to deliver than words of correction. Many prophets try to help people that are hurting. God’s people hear the word of God and often walk away from it thinking that it could not have come from God. Try telling an excited individual that the business that they are going to open is not going to do so well. They will probably rebuke you and say, “That is not coming from God. It is coming from the devil!” Sometimes, a person is unable to receive a prophetic word for one reason or another. Receiving a prophetic word simply means that someone is going to hear what the word has to say. Sometimes a prophetic word works out well for you. If you use your gifts of prophecy with people that are hard to deal with, then you may find them angry at you. Prophets are often not well liked. Often, the church will say that someone is not a prophet because they are afraid of what they are going to say. There are many reasons as to why someone uses a prophetic gift. Some people use their gift to assist another person that may be hurting inside of their heart.

Some prophets have gifts that they cannot understand. Let us take a man such as the late Edgar Cayce. He had prophetic gifts that helped people in different walks of life. He was there for people that wanted answers for their life. However, he had a unique prophetic ability to look into the spiritual world and get information while in a sleep like state. His prophecies proved to be accurate and sincere. Edgar Cayce would often communicate what was on his mind and what was inside of his spirit. If you had a psychic reading with Edgar Cayce, you knew that it was coming from somewhere outside of this world. He was able to see events that would happen in a person’s life without ever knowing them. He was able to diagnose sickness and disease when people least expected it. It was an amazing experience for people from different walks of life.

Spiritual gifts come to us when we least expect. We often do not know how we develop a prophetic gift. Some people today refer to it as being “psychic”. Edgar Cayce was often referred to as being the sleeping prophet or a clairvoyant. People gave Edgar Cayce so many names. He stated several times that the only book he ever read was the Holy Bible and he was able to connect with the deceased since he was a young child. He was able to diagnose illnesses that people had and even give them solutions for a cure. Edgar Cayce was often referred to doctors that he could help because some illnesses were not easily understood. Many medical professionals look at Edgar Cayce as being the founder of many cures for illnesses that are cured today. He was best known for his predictions that helped cure people.

Edgar Cayce had an interest in photography and he did not stay with it for various reasons. He once owned a hospital and it closed down. The road always lead back to him having to give people psychic readings for one reason or another. No matter what he tried to do, it proved to be unsuccessful for him. The only path that worked for him was giving psychic readings. He never charged for a reading. Instead, he relied on the gifts and donations of people. You can say that people were not giving him $700.00 for a reading like many psychics get today.

Live psychic readings helped people that came to Edgar Cayce. People today do not understand prophetic gifts. Many Christians see this as being against God. The New Testament does say that some Christians are born with a prophetic gift. Whatever gift God gives to you, it is clear that we should use it. Some gifts are better understood than others.

Many men and women do not understand prophetic gifts for one reason for another. If for instance a person has a gift for preaching, he is regarding as being a pastor. You can go to school for this and it is something that a lot of people understand. There is nothing mystical about being a pastor. Prophets however are mysterious. Often, they have to deliver a prophetic word to someone that does not understand its true meaning. Many prophecies are misunderstood. Many prophecies are hard to understand. Some prophets say that they cannot fully understand the spirit world for various reasons.

If someone were to tell you that they were a prophet, you may question if they are coming from God or not. Many televangelists are making millions of dollars a year and not even preaching the gospel message of Jesus Christ. They are often disregarded and prophets are often put through a fine tooth comb test. People want to know and understand what a prophet is trying to tell them before making the choice to listen to what they are saying.

A true prophet must spend time with the Lord and understand the voice of the Holy Spirit. When the Holy Spirit speaks, he speaks through someone that he chooses to speak through. When someone believes that they have a prophetic message to give to someone, then they should truly speak from their heart. Prophecy is something that is misunderstood. Many pastors today think that a prophetic word should only exhort the church and uplift it. However, prophets have long been known to give words of correction. If a prophet corrects someone, the prophet is often looked at as being unholy or someone to avoid. The prophetic world is not an easy one to be a part of. If you are a prophetic minister, perhaps you can relate to what I am saying. Some people don’t want to hear about prophecy. Others say that the words don’t mean much to them. What can we conclude then with a gift of prophecy? We can say that a prophetic word is not always understood. Many prophetic gifts are not easy to understand.

Prophetic words are often gift over time to whoever the prophet decides to minister to. Some prophets are easier to understand than others. Sometimes a prophetic gift is given to someone that is willing to use it as God directs it. It is never easy to use a prophetic gift. Most prophets today will tell you that they wish that they had never received their gift. It literally changes your life. Many people look down upon prophets and psychics. They often say that they are of the devil and not true messengers of God. These words can be hurtful and often painful for people to listen to. In order to find your true path with God, a person must be willing to do whatever the Lord asks of them. No matter what that gift is, use it to the best of your ability.

Prophets go through a period of change as well. Many prophets will say that before they were able to use their gifts and abilities, they had to ask God to show them the way. Many prophets of today grew up in their gifts before they were able to use them. Prophetic gifts seem to happen when we least expect. Nobody usually asks God to make them a prophet. Instead, a person gets the urge to tell someone something that the Lord is giving to them. Perhaps the prophetic word is coming from their heart or from another spiritual dimension. Becoming a prophet takes time, discipline and a lot of spiritual discipline. The period of discernment takes time and lots of discipline. The Bible tells us to wait upon the Lord.